SKOPAS Tech AB is an innovation-based company with the core expertise in materials design. We are committed to development and production of energy storage, energy conversion and other energy-related technologies, sustainable technical solutions and consulting services in relevant areas.

SKOPAS Tech AB wants to be among those building future sustainable society. The core ethics of our company is creating the products based on harmless, abundant and fully recyclable materials, such as carbon and water.


Our team has expertise in physics, chemistry and materials science, with long experience in development of novel materials. The team also has experience in organizing R&D processes. Currently we are looking for partners with complementary expertise, in particular, in the field of electronics.

We have a wide network in Academia where our key partners are KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, University of Belgrade, Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) and others.


c/o KTH Innovation
Lindstedtsvägen 24
11428 Stockholm



– SKOPAS TECH AB will participate at Brokerage Event organized by EIT Raw Materials that will take place on 15-16 October in Berlin

– SKOPAS Tech AB successfully completed VFT-1 phase 0 funded by KTH Innovation, Stockholm, Sweden, and is running to the next phase

– SKOPAS Tech AB entered pre-incubation programme at KTH Innovation, Stockholm, Sweden

– November 2018 – SKOPAS Tech AB obtained support from Vinnova, for star-ups and for groundbreaking ideas in industrial development.

– July 2019 – SKOPAS Tech AB continued VTF-1 programme managed by KTH Holding.

– November 2019 – SKOPAS Tech AB is looking for business developer. Look at:


– November 2019 – SKOPAS Tech AB will participate at Brighter programe in Munich (Nov 17th – Nov 22nd)